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BLUEBIRD RANCH dba NEWPORT FLORAL is an Southern California fresh cut flower grower and shipper company founded in 1985, in Fallbrook California.
Our objective is to provide flower wholesalers throughout the USA and Canada with a wide range of fresh cut flower species and varieties. The products we grow in over 300 acres - mainly in Southern CA., and Northern Mexico which are located in areas enjoying optimum climatic conditions that result in unsurpassable quality and highly efficient and consistent production.

Our product list is now composed of over 70 items derived from a wide array of flower species, varieties and packing assortments available to our customers year round. By carefully planning and coordinating production with our farms, we also provide customers with ample supplies of top quality fresh cut flower on peak demand occasions.

About Our Growing Methods

 All of our flowers are treated with appropriate, scientifically tested preservatives and kept at the lowest tolerable temperature throughout the distribution process. Thus, our customers are always supplied with top quality fresh flowers. 


Web Updates

02/10/05 - We are in the process of reconstructing our website to make it more informational and user friendly.

02/24/05 - We have completed 90% of our updates. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or comments.



We are located inside the San Diego Floral Trade Center and have access many flowers from around the world. We recognize that our success is directly tied to the success of our customers and that by listening to our customers and responding to their needs, we too can achieve our goals


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